Best Tattoo Studio in Bali

Centro Ink has taken tattooing in Bali to a new level, "BRINGING TATTOO's to the PEOPLE" by this we mean we have brought tattooing in Bali from off the streets into a Clean Sterile Environment for your comfort and piece of mind. Lets face it, a tattoo is forever and we want to ensure you are totally satisfied with your experience.

Over half of our customers are repeat customers withanother quarter being referrals. Dekdi's artworks is second to none and being Centro Ink's only artist, (as we do not share studios and work) , Dekdi has spent (and continues to do so) time in Australia with leading tattoo artists to share the fascinating talents of tattooing. In our industry talk is cheap its the portfolio that decides a real tattoo artist and we invite you to view a selection of our works.

Thanks and we hope to see you down at the shop soon.

Tattoo Studio Shopping Hours

7 days a week
Monday – Sunday 11am – 6pm
Jl Pantai Kuta
Crn Poppies 1 and Kuta Beach
1st level behind KFC